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リンク: J-Rich Blog.

Mi amigo Barbosa va a ser esta bien muy pronto. Muchos gracias a todos mis “fans” se habla espanol.  No puedo practicar mi espanol aveces y todos me ayudaan.  Adios!


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リンク: Twitter / Jason Richardson: Alando Tucker played a jok ....

Alando Tucker played a joke on me. He sent me some rogaine to my room cause my hair is thinning. I need some suggestion to pay him back lol


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リンク: Periodico 7 Dias - Charlie Villanueva quiere jugar en Premundial.


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"I'll never forget Sloan's reaction," Williams said with a shudder. "He came storming onto the court screaming, 'Damn you, Kirilenko, you think just because you've got an $84 million contract you can do whatever the bleep you want to do out here! Well, I've bleepin' news for you . . .' "

Williams said Sloan's earthy message was the best thing that could've happened to him . . . and the team, a consensus pick to go nowhere fast, yet finished 41-41.

"Man, if Sloan was gonna get on Kirilenko like that, I knew damn well what I had to do," Williams said. "I was like Speedy Gonzalez. I did exactly as told and then some. The funny thing is, everything I'd heard about Jerry turned out the opposite."
"A lot of bad words come out of his mouth. But, if you do it right the next time, in his next breath, he'll praise you just as heatedly. A lot of coaches don't understand; they beat you down without picking you back up," Williams said. "Jerry taught me how to be a point guard," he said. I asked him what that entails: "To think versus rely simply on instincts . . . time and possession . . . teammates needing to be spoon-fed . . . not giving the ball to a big man on the break unless he has a free lane . . . creating space --separation -- which is the object of the pick-and-roll, and then reading and reacting."



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リンク: Cavaliers top Mavs 102-74 for 12th straight win - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

On Saturday, James was in Columbus cheering on his alma mater, Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary, which won its fifth state basketball title. James sat behind the bench but spent much of the game nervously pacing and chewing his nails. “That’s what I live for,” he said. “


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リンク: mcuban (mcuban) on Twitter.

can't say no one makes money from twitter now. the nba does )


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リンク: James, Williams lead Cavs to 11th straight win - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

During his “60 Minutes” profile, James sank an underhand shot from 50 feet. And, yes, he did it on the first try. “One take,” he said with a laugh. “That’s me.”


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リンク: Kyle Korver (KyleKorver) on Twitter.


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リンク: Magic beat Bucks to keep pace for East's 2nd seed - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

Marcin Gortat scored Orlando’s first six points of the fourth quarter on a dunk, an alley-oop from J.J. Redick and a layup after being fouled that put the Magic ahead 88-72. Orlando’s reserve center, not known for his dunking ability, even shocked his own teammates.

“I’m surprised he jumped,” Redick joked. “He’s been known to jump as high as a phone book on dunk attempts.”


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リンク: Gilbert Returns - D.C. Sports Bog.

"Damn, we ain't had this much media since...." Nick Young said 90 minutes before tip.

"People I ain't seen before, people got smiles on their faces," Antawn Jamison added when he entered the locker room. "Y'all need anything? Y'all want a cold drink?"



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リンク: Gilbert Being Gilbert: Best Of Return Quotes - D.C. Sports Bog.

On his nerves: "I don't get nervous. No, I don't get nervous. That's some old days when I got nervous. Now I was just out there to see how the knee felt."

On the day that was: "You ever heard that expression, 'If you want it to rain, wash your car?' You know, that's what happened this morning. I got here, knee's been feeling fine this whole time, as soon as I got here it started aching. And I'm like awww, man, see I knew this was gonna happen. So I said I wasn't gonna play. And then once I got home it felt better. I was like man, that's just nerves kicking in, and once I went out there it was just all basketball from there. I don't know if the building was cold. I don't know what happened, it just all of the sudden started aching. I just got in the house and I was like, oh, my knee feels better. Once I said I wasn't playing, the knee feels better."
On being introduced fourth, in front of Caron Butler: "That was a little different. That was awkward. But, you know, it's basketball. It's just introductions. It's not like the last person wins a car or anything."

Gilbert, on the fans' reaction: "Oh. You know, they miss me, what can I say?"

On scouting the NCAA Tourney: "No, I don't watch the JV. My Arizona boys got put out. So it's no point in even watching that."

On why he already broke his no-media pledge: "You know how I am. You know, I'm wishy washy."








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リンク: Out-of-position Barnes now an issue.

"It's tough," Barnes said. "I'm outweighed by 40-50 pounds every night. I just got to keep fighting.

"It's no excuse. I've got to bring a better effort."


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リンク: NBA.com: Wizards' James out for season with broken pinkie.

"I've never had a broken bone before," James said. "When the doctor showed it to me, I'm like, 'That's me?'"



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リンク: Courtside Blog.

"No," Shaq said when asked if he could share about his conversation with Przybilla that landed them both T's.

"He said I threw the ball at him and I said, yeah. That's what I did. So what? Do something about it. I'm not much of a talker."

When asked if he could receive a fine for admitting he "threw the ball" at Przybilla, Shaq quickly corrected himself.

"I didn't throw it. I dropped it. Hey, it doesn't matter to me - whatever they do. It's been done before. You move on. I just dropped it. He was in the way. If he wouldn't have flopped and been on the floor, he wouldn't have been down there."

You don't like the floppers do you, asked one reporter.

"No. It just shows you are giving in. The referees are probably going to go for that every time. You've got to now (flop). It's the only way you can stop a person. It's kind of crazy the refs go for that."

So what did Shaq think of Oden?

"I don't. I'm a Shogun. You can't ask me about a low level ninja. I still have to worry about Yao Ming, Dwight Howard."





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リンク: Sports Radio Interviews ≫ Blog Archive ≫ Ron Artest, A Changed Man?.

On why the Rockets are better off than they were in last year’s postseason

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・What a disgusting wench.

・I am Maki the spiral shellfish, who even silences crying babies.


・Growth through puberty

・white sandbar

・Restrain yourself!

・My blade thirsts for blood tonight.

・They seem meaninglessly cool.




・Evildoer who threatens the peace of the land

・I will make the chrysanthemum flower bloom!
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リンク: Marlins find themselves in a hairy situation with Hanley Ramirez - Big Leag... - MLB - Yahoo! Sports.

What's the beef? Well, Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez recently forced all of his long-haired players, including Ramirez, into an impromptu date with the clubhouse hairdresser. He also banned any jewelry worn onfield by Ramirez or any of his teammates. 

"We want to look professional," Gonzalez told the Sun-Sentinel. "Nice and neat."

Only problem was that Ramirez, ranked first overall in Yahoo!'s fantasy baseball game, didn't take kindly to having his shortish dreads shorn off or his chain yanked off his neck. Once the media entered the Marlins' clubhouse on Thursday, Ramirez made sure he was seen sporting a strong message ? "I'm sick of this ****" ? written in Sharpie across his chest.

"I'm angry," he told reporters. "I want to be traded ... It's incredible. We're big leaguers."



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・Prepare yourself!

・Just as I wished.

・Be like the carp and go against that swift stream!

・What a life-force.


・I've been eyeballed.

・Breathing Via Gills

・I'm a goner.
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・The small evening waves that flow into Seto,

・where are these sakura petals coming from?


・Chivalrous spirit!

・Sea louse.


・As the father of that thing, I feel like killing myself.

・I want fried crab and soy sauce.

・I won't lose to the mole.

・I'll cut out your intestines, sea louse.

・She is "The Demon Prefect", Zenigata Mawari !

・Humans have a sense of chivalry too.

・You scum samurai!

・This sword is The Blowfish Slayer.

・Let me bring bombs to blast through Sakurada's Gate!

・The management fees ratio per month for the new field are as follows: salutation fees 20%, cheering fees 20%

・moral code

・You'll be shackled.

・Today, Everyman was mesmerized by my singing again!

・Millet dumplings at his hip....eh

・Fine by me!


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リンク: NBA.com: Arenas says he's 'retired' as a blogger.

"I retired," Arenas said in the home locker room before Washington's game against Charlotte. "No more blogging for me."


Why not?

"It's just like the double-(edged) sword thing: Eventually your words is going to kill you," Arenas said with a smile.

Asked to explain his thoughts further, Arenas smiled.

"I started looking at it as, before, it was fun, and everybody has fun reading it. And then it's like everything I said, everybody started using it as firepower, instead of saying it's just entertainment. You know, people started using it, trying to take bits and pieces instead of enjoying the blog," the three-time All-Star said. "So once I started seeing that, I just started visualizing, eventually, this is going to be the double-(edged) sword thing. It made me and it's going to kill me, so I might as well stop."


ドガーン( ̄□ ̄;)・・・



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Joakim Noah

リンク: Joakim Noah on Boys, Boredom and Griminess - D.C. Sports Bog.

People say, "How come NBA players lose all their money?" It's because we're making money like a 40-year old businessman would make. If a 40-year old businessman made money like us, he's very successful. Right? But at 40 years old, you're established, you have a family, you don't have people pressing you for money, you know what I'm saying? We're 23. Single. A lot of people are single. A lot of people come from areas where they don't have the means, and don't understand the whole money situation. They don't understand that when it says $1.5 million, half of that goes to taxes, and the house, and the agent. I mean, it goes.

So your friends will actually just come up to you and ask you for money?

Oh, all the time. All the time.

And you give it to them?

I mean, it's hard to say no to somebody that you grew up with your whole life and you know they're in a situation. That would be a good story to ask players.

Do you remember your first check?

I remember it was negative. I remember it was negative. I had some fines. I had a lot of fines. I didn't see a lot of it.

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リンク: Q&A with ... Rockets PG Aaron Brooks.

MC: Seattle has produced a lot of guards lately, too (Brandon Roy, Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Martell Webster, Brooks). What's going on with that?

AB: We're pretty good. Most people don't know who's all from Seattle. When they say there's not too many basketball players from Seattle, then you start naming them, they're like, "We didn't know all those guys were from Seattle." We've got a nice chunk of guys.

MC: Do you guys get together and play in the offseason?

AB: Occasionally.

MC: Who's the best out of them?

AB: Me.

MC: No question?

AB: Why not?



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リンク: LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

Weight: 250

レブロンの体重は113キロもあるらしい。これはどうなの。バレジャオとイルガウスカスがともに260で4キロぐらいしか違わんというのはどうなの。 パパッと他のチームの選手の体重も見たけど、250超えてるのは本当に一部のセンターしかおらんぞ。250というとダンカン(255)、アマレ(249)、ガーネット(253)とかそのクラス。


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リンク: YouTube - 'Take that LeBron!' Shaq bowls over Suns..


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リンク: TrueHoop By Henry Abbott - ESPN.

Is Rick Adelman in the Coach of the Year conversation now? Second in the tough west without Tracy McGrady?


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リンク: Nuggets Team Report - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

Cheerleaders are getting benched.

Kroenke Sports Enterprises recently announced layoffs. Among those affected has been the Denver Nuggets Cheerleading team, whose performances have been scaled back from all home games to only weekend games.

The cheerleading team is not to be confused with the Denver Nuggets Dancers, an all-female group that continues to perform at all games. The cheerleaders, made up of 36 men and women, provide college-type cheers during breaks in the action.


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リンク: Hill, Richardson lead Suns to fifth straight win - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

“That’s what I do, baby. I’m Shaq-ovich,” said O’Neal, who made seven of eight free throws in the game. “We needed them. I’m known that when you really need them, I’m going to make them.”


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リンク: Year after USC, Mayo enjoys relative peace in NBA.

No paparazzi. No celebrity treatment. Just a man and his ribs.

"It's been the most relaxed and ... comfortable I've been since maybe the fifth or sixth grade," said Mayo, who spent part of a typical off day with The Associated Press recently.

"It's not high expectations you know," Mayo said. "The city understands we're a young team, we're still trying to get better. The city enjoys our young team and enjoys our talent, looks forward to watching us grow as a team and get better throughout the years.

"When we go out, they show us all respect."


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リンク: Cavaliers shrug off Barkley's 'dreary' comments about Cleveland - Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball NBA News - cleveland.com.

Barkley: If you were to swap the people in Cleveland and Milwaukee, it'd be the same dreary ass city. They are both dreary places. C Webb, would you agree? Cleveland and Milwaukee, other than Perkins Soul Food joint, they are the same dreary ass city.

Webber: I agree.

Johnson: I was born in Milwaukee, they are not the same city.

Barkley: Ernie you were born in Milwaukee?

Johnson: I was born in Milwaukee.

Barkley: Milwaukee is a very nice city.

Barkley: There's nothing happening in Cleveland, trust me, other than the Indians.

Johnson: They are the number one seed right now.

Barkley: They've got LeBron James who is spectacular. There is no reason to live in Cleveland, that's why the call it the mistake by the lake. They didn't come up with that for no reason Ernie.







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